saying2Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!
In a word: DELICIOUS! I can't believe this place doesn't have a 5-star review rating. My husband and I had high expectations going in and they were absolutely met! Though the casual atmosphere is a little too casual for our liking, the service was super quick -- and most importantly, the food was of excellent quality. The salad and the bread (two very mundane dishes normally) had sauces that made them a joy to consume. Our main dishes of pasta were as wonderful as we hoped.And the prices are not to high: Two entrees, an appetizer and a dessert for just under $50. Long story short: if you are searching for GOOD Italian food in Grants Pass, go to. — Ariel Kostrna
Food was delicious, and service was great! Everything we ordered was superb. So happy to have you in the neighborhood! - Mandi Hagerman DelVaglio
Went there for dinner tonight-- one of four tables who walked in right at 5. They got slammed fast! By the time we were finishing up with our meal, there was a 30min wait for a table. Service was good, yes they were busy and probably busier than expected. Being only a few weeks in-- I understood they were probably working out any kinks and/or issues! Food was DELICIOUS and came out fairly quickly! We shared the antipasto salad (delish!) and I had the baked penne-- yummy! We will definitely be back! (Now I am craving my left overs! ) Bravo Brava!!! - Candace N Gibson
Restaurant RAVE! We had the absolute pleasure of dining at Brava Italian Eatery last night, located in the former Bistro space on NW 6th St. Neither of us had been to Brava since they opened. We each had an appetizer and dinner. The restaurant was absolutely packed when we arrived about 6:30 on a Friday night. There was a wait list for seating so we gladly signed up. While waiting I was checking out the atmosphere. If you had ever been to The Bistro you may recall how dark it was. They have remodeled and brightened up the place quite a bit. Lots of white and white light strings covering the sealing. Not overly bright but they definitely lightened up the place just enough. We were seated within about 5 minutes, instantly ordered a soda and started perusing the menu. Their prices compare to the large chain restaurants like Olive Garden or Applebees, however as you can read below I found the quality to be a much higher standard. I ordered the Italian Stuffed Mushrooms (stuffed with spicy Italian sausage, fresh spinach, Asiago cheese, garlic butter and toasted bread crumbs) as an appetizer and the Tuscan Chicken Rigatoni (creamy pesto, chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts) as my meal. My husband ordered the Fried Mozzarella (crispy Italian bread crumbs over mozzarella wedges, he is a die-hard cheese addict) appetizer and the Fettuccine Alfredo + Chicken (parmesan cheese, cream, butter and black pepper) for dinner. Our appetizers were amazing! I could have eaten those stuffed mushrooms until I exploded! There were 6 nice size, well stuffed mushrooms. The mozzarella wedges were larger than expected and one order had 3 of them. While waiting for our appetizers our waitress brought us fresh bread with dipping garlic and herb olive oil. We ate half of our appetizers so not to get too full. Next came our salads. A nice size salad with amazing fresh made dressing! The blue cheese dressing was incredible! Also came with more fresh bread and that heavenly olive oil concoction. Then came dinner, and oh my goodness! They will put as much freshly grated parmesan cheese on the top for you and I have never had such amazing parmesan! Our dinners were incredible! They were large portions, wonderful flavor, pasta cooked to perfection and not overly buttery as some creamy Italian sauces tend to be. The chicken in both of our meals was cooked just right and SO tender. everything was served hot (except the salad of course). I hate going out and being served luke warm food, theirs comes very hot and enjoyable. Lastly I want to commend the staff and particularly our waitress. We were able to watch all of the staff, including the kitchen, from where we sat. The kitchen staff were bustling the entire time we were there, while remaining calm and collected and putting orders out with great timing. All of our food came out perfectly timed, not rushing us along and not making us wait extended periods between them. The wait staff was so friendly and personable at all of the tables we could see. Because we were not even coming close to finishing our food, we would be boxing up a lot to take home. Our waitress, Billie Ann, boxed our food as we went. At the end we took home way more than we were able to eat. Billie Ann checked back on us so many times throughout the evening and immediately took care of anything we asked. All of the staff were very attentive, even helping other wait staff with their tables as food came up so that diners could receive their food as soon as it came up. Near the end of our meal I was wanting to see a menu again to look at some ingredients so I was looking around to see if I could see where a menu might be sitting. Another member of the wait staff saw me looking around and put down what she was doing, came directly over to our table and asked if she could get us something. I was impressed and certainly didn't expect that! After bringing the menu back she asked if she could box up the remaining bread we had for us to take home with all of our leftovers. I had seen other folks review this restaurant in the first couple days after they opened up their doors and they were pretty critical of them. I can honestly say that our experience was THE MOST enjoyable experience I have EVER experienced dining out. I don't generally write reviews, however we both agreed that they were phenomenal and deserved that word to get out. We will definitely be going back! - Wendy Herman Jones
Took my father for a birthday dinner tonight and everything was wonderful. Personal attention to our needs and fantastic, hot, tasty food! - Jael Anne Hanson